Thursday, November 09, 2006


ansewrable is being answered by non sense indifferent moments when they stare at an empty glass.
how can we have an occupation when our souls are being occupied from this dreadfullness? ... antennas are still delivering the dreadfullness from building to building.
our irrational states of blood forces the eyeglance of a girl, non looking at a beautiful skiess... can the sky be mastered?
index comes as a cornerstone of all of our unsafe dreams.
all of it is dedicated to athens pavements, to empty streets at dawn and it occurs as the alphabet of concrete love...
there is a story always left there on the ashes of the missed calls, where each of us is to self involved to figure out how lonely we have been most of the time...> abandoned smells of cinammon welcomes the '' you can't live here'' statement
trianon is a space where biomass is going to speak to his previous and unidentified flying obstacles ...nApoli is the city responsible for an effort to say good bye to his all new hellos...
when we finally cross the barricades with the music on our side all our clocks will be smashed ( ? )
can rain be preset?
when we finally see healthy smiles there is no more need for substitutes
can u taste the smell of the word ''staggering''?
''a'' is the first step on a long way narrow path drives to nowhen
it simply asks for a break, it is still indefatigable and it's you who do not still naming names who will fill the gap...just like an exam on bad and distorted economical accounting...
tonged tight hugs, crawling to heaven on rusted ladders
can a good bye be edited please?
a is the first step on our most spontaneous awkward pirouettes of hope and joy
can u put some reverb on that horse there?
O o O the elderly woman in the front of the fire admits a non avoidable sequence
can ears be shut on a cupboard?
biomass is always hungry of empty fields
he dreamt he was a skycrafter someday but after that he thoughts of the no mo freedom
no mo freedom
all of us...prisoners spelling out colours
can pink be alternamed?
the algebra of bodies, the geometry of kisses, the arcitecture of sleeping. the economy of drowned souls and you yes you, you dont look at you ,yes you fuck you
thank you for filling the gap.


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