Thursday, November 16, 2006

index spreads

spreads from [index 001 A]
scissored and xeroxed by paranormale, stmc, novisad, skip, bombie baumann, mr. comfort, voltnoi and evgeniou

Monday, November 13, 2006

THE MEANING of meanings/001:A

index is a series of letters
each letter is a key to a sound/to an image
each viewer is given, and has the right to use this key as he or she desires
each viewer then sees what he or she wants or wants to want

index is the last page to a book which is written by the viewer

what does the letter A mean?

A can mean abandoned
A can mean ALLAH
A can mean allegory
A can mean actice
A can mean agitprop
A can mean anonymous
A can mean announcement
A can mean anthology
A can mean anguish
A can mean animosity
A can mean aloud
A can mean alert
A can mean approach
A can mean any
A can mean apocalypse
A can mean apart
A can mean anger
A can mean assassinate
A can mean ashes
A can mean assist
A can mean attempt
A can mean attack
A can mean atrocity
A can mean automatic
A can mean avalanche

the only thing that A can not mean is AUTHORITY( he who has the power to give orders,he who has special knowledge and he who only recognizes obedience)

index is directly opposed to this one word: AUTHORITY////(the reasons for this are described in the first 5 sentences)

index will never supply the viewer with one meaning because to do this would be to become one with AUTHORITY.

but as is stated in the first 5 sentences:

each viewer sees what he or she wants or wants to want
index will continue to produce freedom to view as one desires, what one desires.

biomass/index 001



biomass at index 001

Sunday, November 12, 2006

alpha xerox

limited edition fanzine just xeroxed by the boys.
available this sunday the 12 of november at cine trianon.
otherwise index[at] for orders.

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